These are a list of farms that Da Chop Shop has done business with and has formed relationships with. If you would like to purchase a whole live animal from one of these farms and have Da Chop Shop process it for you, I encourage you to reach out to us and learn more about the process. 
Each one of them offers something Special. Whether it's something simple like a specific breed or weight range, or like having access to fresh goats' milk as part of their daily feed. These are all top quality farms that care about the welfare of their livestock.
Please note that this process is not typically available on demand. Most of these farms have to book their slaughter dates months in advance. Traditionally, inquiring and booking in the spring for a fall slaughter is your best bet.    

Marshmeadow Farm
Owner: Lauren Willams
Location: Germantown, NY
Livestock: Goats & pigs

Windrace Farms
Owner: Patrick Miglio
Location: Clinton Corners, NY
Livestock: Pigs, goats, and sheep
Philosophy: Reduce your carbon footprint, meat local!


Phone #:518-567-5691

Phone #:845-242-8333

Meili Farms
Owner: Craig Meili
Location: Amenia, NY
Livestock: Pigs
Philosophy: I raise Tamworth and Berkshire pigs in a free range system . All pigs are fed a mix of soybean, non-gmo corn and mineral mix plus produce scraps from a local grocery. All pigs are born on the farm and live their entire lives outside with access to huts and feed at all times. Animal welfare is a top priority which results in a high quality product of pork.

Phone#: 845-546-4690



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