If it is possible, move the animals to a separate pen a couple days ahead of time. This will give them some time to acclimate to their new surroundings and feel more comfortable and relaxed. It should be a small somewhat confined pen that doesn't allow a lot of room to run around it. 

Please withhold feed and only have water available to the animals being slaughtered for 24 hours prior to their scheduled slaughter time.

Have a hose with running water available and able to reach to the pen and the site of slaughter.

I understand that some people want to be apart of the slaughter and some want nothing to do with it and I get that. Please let me know, on the slaughter day, if you would like to be apart of the process and I will walk you through everything that is going to happen.

Here is a quick check list of items to have ready prior to and on the day of SLAUGHTER



preparing for slaughter day

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